Until Further Notice, All Of My Worldwide Shows Will Benefit The
Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center

My 5-Minute Set At Flappers Comedy Club Los Angeles (Virtual Show)

In addition to my full 45 minute standup comedy show, my piano man repertoire includes the music of everyone from Elton John and Cat Stevens to Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, as well as audience requests.

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People say Harvey is funny, but I'm not so sure.  I don't like when he calls me a narcissist, but I do like the fact that so many of his jokes are about me.  

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Harvey Wild has performed his outrageous comedy act (definitely not for kids) around the world, including comedy clubs in New York, Dublin, Prague, Reykjavik and Krakow.

As a piano man, Harvey has performed at clubs throughout New York City (including the Playboy Club in the '80s), at a Vice President Walter Mondale Rally, and at the famous Empire Theater in Edinburgh, Scotland.  His TV appearances include Good Morning, NY and the Joe Franklin Show.  Between 1983-1986, Harvey earned $150/hr as a street musician in New York City.

Harvey is also a former internet multi-millionaire (the ex-wives got it all), philanthropist (Harvey financed an orphanage in Ethiopia but almost lost his life in a an Ethiopian brothel scam) and published songwriter (country music legend Jimmy Bowen once asked Harvey, "What's a goddamn New York Jew like you doing writing country music!!??)